At our store youll find a lot of exciting thing within interior.
Like funiture, lighting, decor, pictures, pillows and wases.
We also have focus on the practical and have a lot of amazing duvets, bed sets, bedspreads and bed linen.


We're always on the look out for more exciting suppliers with a product out of the normal.

The children are of course not forgotten! 

We have a separate corner with stuffed animals and toys from Wild Republic, as well as puzzles, cartoons and lots more.




Image Suppliers

Among our many suppliers we have:


• Sofas, dining room chairs, beds and armchairs from SCAPA.
We have several exhibition models in the store that can be ordered as desired.
All the furniture can be ordered in lots of gorgeous fabrics and colours.

• Lots of lighting, furniture, decorations and gift items from Light & Living.

• Hadeland Glassworks and Porsgrunn Porselen, very fine for setting tables.
We have an exhibition of the Natur crockery, as well as a good selection of Norgesglass and the Siri series.

• Duvets and pillows from Norsk Dun in top quality.
Swan-labelled and approved by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association.

• High-quality bed sets, towels and nightgowns from Halvor Bakke, Borås Cotton and Turiform.

• Great carpets from Inhouse and Boel&Jon

• Moomin, Pippi and Emil products from Muurla.

• Next-generation fire pans and accessories from SoloStove.

• Pictures from the internationally known artist Linn Wold from Elverum.

• A separate corner with "outing products". Thermoses, blankets, storm kitchen, knives and lots more for the backpack.  

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Phone: +47 959 98 119

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